What We Do

The first consultation with you is to assess your symptoms, take a background history and to get a better understanding of your general lifestyle.

We will then take a small blood sample from your finger which will be tested against a number of different food proteins like apple, lamb, chicken, yeast, wheat, peas, dairy, egg, etc covering most commonly eaten foods.

It will then take us 2 – 3 days to review your results comparing them with previous cases and working towards getting you the best results.

A comprehensive and personalised written report will then be produced to address your individual results and a second appointment made to discuss in detail any changes that need to be made going forward.

We understand that changing your diet can be hard and we are always available to chat so we can work with you to achieve the best possible results.

We Also Do…

We also offer a range of different health assessments designed to give you a comprehensive picture of your current health status. We provide diverse personalised tests to tell you where your health is at today, what risks you could be facing in the future and then we provide advice and support to help you change your day to day routines and help you live a healthier lifestyle. For more information on all tests provided please see our “Services/Tests” page.